214 Curtis Rd. Swanville, Maine (207) 338-6027

Goose River Farm's Naturally Grown Beef

The "natural" meat we provide is about as fresh as one can get it. All meat is State of Maine inspected. It is raised antibiotic and hormone free, and is mostly grass fed. Our beef is all aged for at least 14 days before it is cut.

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Meat can be purchased at our store at 29A Belmont Avenue, Belfast, in the same building as GRF Real Estate. Custom Orders are $.25/lb. less expensive than buying meat at the store. For a custom order you simple call or email us, let us know the cut, the thickness, the # of lbs. per cut and if you want it fresh or frozen. If we have your order by Sunday we have your custom order for you on the following Wednesday for store pick-up. Store hours are Monday-Friday 10-5:30 pm and Saturday 9-1 pm. We accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards.